This Bot Auto-Likes Your Friend’s Instagram Posts

When you are in a relationship constantly finding ways to keep in touch would be imperative. It would display closeness both ways and would provide the right nourishment for the relationship and also provide the right impetus to sustain it. This could be a very tall order if you are one of those “busy bees” who are constantly trying to complete a 36 hour day in a 24 hour period.

If you try to intimate this to your “better half” at first the response may be lukewarm but as the days turn to weeks and weeks into months understanding your actions would be quite difficult for the other. The conclusion would be that you are not interested in the relationship and things could turn sour. Love needs to be reciprocated and only then could it sustain the test of time.

The best strategy would be to get your “better half” on the Instagram platform which is today used by over 800 million worldwide with about 500 million on it every day. If your partner is not on the platform which is very unlikely then you both would be missing a golden opportunity to keep in touch more often than not. The Instagram platform offers some very unique advantages which would enable either of you to constantly post and repost videos and images which you would like the world to see.

When your “better half” posts a video or image you would need to be the first one to show your appreciation with a “like” because this would give the needed interaction to build a stronger relationship. Constantly and instantaneously reciprocating with a “like” would provide the right environment and to do so the best endeavor would be to find the most appropriate bot that you could find which would ensure it happens for you.

The bot that would be best to do so was created by “gulzar 1996” which was a way he wanted to interact with his girlfriend more effectively as he was a very “busy bee”. It is now available on the Instagram platform and would enable you to place your better half on it and it would keep a close watch on their activities. As soon as your “better half” posts anything from a video to an image on the Instagram platform the bot would pick it up. The bot would not stop at that but would place an instant like on it.

To achieve this Auto-Like endeavor you would need to pick your “better half” and input the “user id” which would be the only one given priority on your Instagram platform. Once any activity is detected on that platform the bot would respond fast and quick whilst also giving you a instant feedback. There would be a definite positive response from your “better half” too.

The social media, especially Instagram is growing in leaps and bounds and with millions active on it the thought that would be forthcoming from you towards your “better half” would be very much appreciated and also reciprocated.

This constant stream of “likes” would surely soften hearts and would be the best way to keep the relationship on a constant high rather than taking it to any lows. By placing a “like” this bot would inform you too, which would not catch you unawares if your “better half” was to ask you or comment on it in appreciation. There is no doubt that this simple action could go a very long way in any relationship especially when we are all living in a powder keg society where time constraints have stretched may a relationship to its limits.

This bot is available for a FREE download which gives you more reason to ensure that you have it where it matters most and that is monitoring your beloved’s Instagram endeavors. It is available on GITHUB and once you have set it up which is very easy, it could give you just what you would have wanted to keep your relationship vibrant and kicking.

This would be special as it would monitors only posts from your “better half” and would filter the rest out. Hence this endeavor would be quite a close interactive option which you could employ to show your constant thoughtfulness towards the one you love.

So get on the bandwagon and do what everyone is doing to keep their “better half” satisfied whilst also endeavoring to juggle a very busy lifestyle. Many found it quite an arduous task to do so, but not now as the bot that everyone was looking for is here to stay. Keep your lover happy and your relation as vibrant as it could be and install this bot which would make a world of difference to both of you.

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