Best Strategy for Growing Your Instagram Account

After more than seven years of activity, Instagram remains a fast-growing social network. By leveraging visual content, the platform enables brands and businesses to build relationships with their potential customers. And on Instagram, it’s not just subscribers that matter. Your strategy must also allow you to cultivate a truly invested community. Here are some tips to help you grow your Instagram account organically and efficiently.

Are you looking to quickly grow your number of qualified Instagram subscribers by defining a clear and sustainable strategy? Throughout this article, I will explain how to combine an organic and paid growth strategy to convert interactions into subscribers.

How Does This Growth Strategy On Instagram Work?

As you know, every day, these are several hundred million publications posted by the brands & users of the application. It is, therefore, necessary to have a surgical approach in your community development tactics on the social network, but also to allocate daily elbow grease efforts to put the odds on your side.

Once A Day, You Will Need:
• Use 10 relevant hashtags for your industry
• Identify the top 10 publications for each hashtag
• To authentically comment on each of these publications
Doing these talking efforts with other users who are interested in or interested in the same areas or topics is an essential way to create curiosity about your Instagram profile.

It’s not because people will visit your profile that they will automatically subscribe, but there is a way to make this process easier: advertising targeting of custom audiences from the Facebook campaign module. It is, therefore, possible to retarget through advertising all people who have seen your profile or interacted with your publications.

Setting up this type of advertising campaign can allow you to drastically reduce the costs of your advertising because the targeted people already know you.

#1. Create Your Personalized Audience Of Interactions On Instagram

This action is not very complicated to implement: just go to your Facebook Business Manager and select from the list of tools Audiences:
Then click on “Create an audience” and then on Personalized audiences:
You will then be offered a menu (which may differ slightly depending on the version of your Facebook)

You will then be asked to fill in more information about the contours of your interaction audience from your Instagram profile:
• The nature of interactions
• The data collection time
• The name of the audience

After a few dozen minutes or hours depending on the size of your Instagram account, you will have access in the Audiences section of the Business Manager to estimate the number of people in this newly created personalized audience.

#2. Find And Integrate The Good Hashtags Into Your Strategy

Now that you’ve implemented your retargeting strategy, it’s time to find the right hashtags for your brand. If you have already identified one or two hashtag (s) that are truly relevant to your business, it may be interesting to identify related suggestions in different ways:
• Observe the hashtags used by the competition
• Use the related hashtags offered by Instagram when searching on the app
• Use hashtags generators
Then keep this list of hashtags aside for the third step of your community development strategy.

#3. Identify and interact with 10 relevant publications related to a hashtag

After determining the right hashtags, it’s now time to filter the content you discover, to detect those relevant to your business.
Take a moment to:
• Read the legend
• Quickly measure the number of interactions
• Analyze the account profile
This strategy will work equally well to address individuals or professionals (B2C and B2B).

What Is The Effort To Write An Informative Legend?

Many fake or low-quality accounts tend to neglect their legends and incorporate a slew of hashtags to gain visibility easily. Well written legends are not necessarily the prerogative of all users, which is a good indicator of the presence of authentic conversations.

What Is The Commitment Rate On The Account Or Publication?

Quickly see if the number of likes & comments is reasonable to the number of subscribers in the account. This will give you a good idea of the authenticity of the account process, and if spending time commenting on the publication of the person or brand will give you visibility in a qualified context and will maximize your time spent.

In addition to responding to comments left on your publications, consider also communicating with other members of the community. It takes time, of course, but it’s an effective technique for growing your Instagram account

Would You Have Naturally Interacted With This Account?
Although you are in the process of expanding your community with a defined plan of action, it is important to remember that you are managing your brand’s reputation. The account discovered through the relevant hashtags must, therefore, match the values of your marketing plan.

#4. Comment On The Selected Publications

You have identified the publications you want to point out, but now, what are you going to say?

Here are different ways to intervene in conversations:
• Share your own experiences: is there anything in your life that could be related to the publication?
• Ask open questions: the goal here is to get other users to visit your profile.
• Do not be a know-it-all: let other people have their point of view.

#5. Monetize Your Efforts With An Advertising Campaign

After following these different steps, you started to build two marketing aspects:
• A captive community and potential future customers
• A hearing ready to be retargeted via personalized audiences

You could then decide to set up an advertising campaign on Instagram with for example $1 to $5 of budget per day and boost the various publications of your account. And again, you want to work with an influencer.

#6. Work With Influencers

Conducting campaigns with influencers is a great way to boost your Instagram account organically. But note that the key is to choose the right influencers. Do not be fooled by a user with millions of subscribers, prefer to target influencers whose mindset matches that of your brand.

You can organize many campaigns: organize a question-and-answer session, film a product demo or entrust the management of your account to a personality for a week. Be creative and do not hesitate to partner with influencers to increase your visibility.

#7. Get to know your audience

Also, the safest technique for developing your Instagram account is simply to get to know your audience. Be aware of the hashtags your subscribers use, the publications they read, and the accounts they follow. But that’s not all: you can also learn more about your audience with your analytics! If you have an Instagram business account, the analytics are directly integrated into your account.

You can also get to know your audience with Agorapulse’s detailed reports that help you identify your top-performing publications, your most frequent subscribers, the most effective hashtags and more.

Finally, do not forget that it takes a lot of time and work to develop your Instagram account and build a loyal audience. But the game is well worth it, especially if you succeed in attracting invested users who will later become loyal customers. Feel free to ask me your questions in the comments below.