Best places to Find Instagram Managers

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform today. It has 800 million followers worldwide and counting, with about 500 million active users on the platform every day. The tremendous worldwide following of Instagram, has brought this effervescent social media platform to the attention of every professional marketer’s attention. If you are either a professional marketer or have a product or service that you would need to speak out loud to all your customers out there, then Instagram would be just what you would need to use.

Employing Instagram as an effective marketing tool is a foregone conclusion but if you do not have the expertise or the time to direct the required operations then using an Instagram Manager would be in your best interests. Employing the most vibrant Instagram Manager to do what is needed would not only propel your product or service onto the public domain but ensure it remains there for all your prospective customers to be invigorated by what you have to offer.

Instagram would help you to take your product or service with an element of creativity attached to it and to a wider potential customer base than any other. Most of those who would matter to you would be on the Instagram platform hence reaching them effectively would be the chance you would be offered when you are active on this platform.

Managing your Instagram endeavors, scheduling the required updates, using analytical tools effectively, editing your photos and a host of other activities would be easily achieved if you are equipped with the appropriate Instagram Manager or managing tool.

We have selected the 10 best Instagram Managers which we would choose, if we are hoping to get our product or service to all our customers on this very versatile social media platform.

#1. Agorapulse

Manage and monitor your Instagram simultaneously, whilst posting updates directly to the Agorapulse dashboard. You could also schedule posts in advance thus saving on valuable time, whilst managing your other social media profiles all at the same time.


A very effective analytical tool and just what you would need to keep a close watch on how your Instagram strategy is behaving on the platform. It would also enable you to keep a very close watch on what your competition is doing on this platform thus enabling you to take effective corrective action.

#3. Iconosquare

Optimum efforts have been employed on the development of this analytical tool which would serve the Instagram platform exclusively. You could keep a close tab on your Instagram followers and analyze their behavioral patterns which would enable you to take more effective actions when necessary.

#4. Social Bakers

A very effective analytical tool which would continuously advice you on how your Instagram strategies are performing and what corrective measures would need to be taken if you are to be more effective on the platform. You could also monitor how your posts are behaving and what reciprocal actions are forthcoming from your prospective customers.


#5. Social Rank

This is a dual purpose managing tool which would bring your Instagram and Twitter strategies together. You could search and monitor locations of activity on both your platforms and take corrective action when needed. You would have the chance of creating individual lists, which would also bring forth your active followers forward.

#6. Tagboard

This a very cool managing tool, which would amalgamate your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook strategies. It would bring all activities related to these strategies for easy assimilation and also help in following them effectively. All events that you would plan for your brand would be effectively distributed for optimum effect.

#7. Have2Have It

If it is Instagram that you would want to help you in your marketing endeavors, then this managing tool would be just for you. Your followers who would convert to potential customers could tap on what you have to offer and then engage with your directly and effectively. It would also bring forth analytics and customer data when you require them.

#8. Repost

This managing Instagram tool enables you to repost all your best videos and images, which would provide your potential customers the need to engage with you. You could repost your followers’ best content which would bring them to help you out, when you need to take your marketing message across.

#9. Instaquote

If you need to add effective text to your images and video then this Instagram managing tool would be the best for you. The 20 different templates that this tool has would come very handy when you need to pick the most appropriate one for what you post.

#10. Over

This Instagram managing tool is great to add text and captions to all your images and videos. Its superlative editing options enables you to get the most appropriate for the image or video that you would like to get across to your potential customers.