How to Schedule Instagram Carousel Posts

In early 2017, Instagram introduced a new feature to have multiple images in a single Instagram post. Since then, marketers and businesses found many creative ways to use this.

For example, Keeping Up With the Kardashians (@kuwtk) used this flawlessly to tell a story.

The problem is that the social media scheduling tools you’re probably using today (i.e., Buffer and Hootsuite), still don’t have the functionality to schedule multi-image posts.

The not-so-nice workaround we tried was to set up our Hootsuite to post four photos at the same time. But even this workaround has its limitations because Hootsuite only allows us to schedule 10 images a day.

The Best Tools Available Today [Dec 2017]

Planoly – Available for Free

Planoly lets you schedule multi-image posts right off the bat, and for free (for up to 30 posts a month).

How to Create a Multi-Image Post on Planoly

The process of creating multi-image posts is also straightforward and intuitive.

1. Click add multi button

You will be able to find this in the top left corner of the dashboard.

2. Select the photos you want to appear in the single post

We wish the Planoly team would create a simple drag and drop functionality to upload pictures, rather than digging through your computer to find the photos you want to upload.

3. Re-order or add more images to the post

We love this feature that lets you organize your photos into the stories you want to create with multi-image posts.

4. The photos you’ve uploaded will show up on the unscheduled tab with an indicator that it’s a multi-image post.

For maximum productivity, we suggest you upload all your multi-image posts before moving onto the scheduling step.

5. Add captions + schedule your posts

Another problem with this tool is that it doesn’t have the functionality for you to create a posting schedule. You will have to manually select the date and time you want to schedule your post for.

6. Post from your mobile device

Similar to Buffer and Hootsuite, the app does not post directly on Instagram for you. When it is time to post, you will receive a notification from the Planoly app.

From there, it’s as simple as pressing post. Select the photos, and copy your captions.

For those who like to put tags in the first comment, it also lets you create hashtag groups that you can quickly copy and add to your posts.

Other Planoly Features

On top of the ability to create multi-image posts, Planoly doesn’t shy away from other critical functions you need for an Instagram scheduling tool.

1. Ability to separate between post and stories

The method of posting stories is the same as sharing a post. But the difference with Planoly is that it provides you a separate section dedicated to your Instagram stories.

2. Instagram analytics

Planoly analytics has everything you need. The calendar dashboard gives you a view of the number of likes + comments your posts received.

With premium, you also get access to the overview dashboard which gives you a high-level view of your total number of followers, likes, and comments you received over a period you define.

The overview dashboard also highlights the top liked and top commented posts, but we wish it also gave us the ability to quickly re-schedule these posts.

3. Don’t have enough photos, no problem

Planoly has a discover feature for you to find relevant images to re-post. You can search for new photos by user or #tags, or search through Planoly’s database of free stock images.

4. Comments manager

If you have trouble keeping up with the comments on your posts, Planoly can manage your post comments all in one place.

The free plan will only get you so much. If you’re a heavy user, here are the prices for the premium plans.

The limitation of Planoly is that it’s an Instagram only scheduling app. If you run a small business that manages other social accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, you might be better off sticking with Buffer, Hootsuite or our next suggestion; Later.

Give Planoly a try. Start for free.

The Alternative

Later – Starting at $9 a month

Later is the only other scheduling tool we could find that allows multi-image Instagram posts. This tool is free to try, but the multi-image post function is only available with the $9 a month premium plan.

How to Create a Post on Later

Since we don’t have the premium plan, we can’t show you exactly how to post a multi-image post. But we can walk you through the posting process.

1. Upload the photos you wish to post

Later did it right with the ability to drag and drop multiple images.

2. Add a caption + labels

On top of captions, Later gives you the option of adding labels. Similar to tags, labels let you easily bucket your post into different groups.

3. Schedule your post

Later cannot create posting schedules or determine the optimal time to post on the free plan. This option is only available when you subscribe to a premium plan.

4. Post from your mobile device

You will receive a notification when you’re scheduled to post.

You are required to create the post on your mobile device manually. The benefit of Later is that it provides support for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest scheduling.

Learn more about Later on their website:

Did we miss any tools you’re using today that lets you schedule multi-image posts? Let us know down in the comments below, and we’ll be sure to update this article.

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