How do I add clickable links on Instagram posts?

Instagram is a phenomenon and is taking center stage as the best social media platform after Facebook. It has been blessed to have the latter as its parent company after Instagram was bought over by Facebook in 2012. This unique combination has worked well for both and they are riding the crest of success together. It is envisaged that they would both take to greater heights within the next couple of years.

Presently Facebook boasts of about 2.5 billion users with Instagram having just crossed that magical one billion user mark. They are a formidable pair no doubt and have cultivated quite a clout on the social media platform. Instagram has uploaded more than 50 billion photos since its launch in 2010 and this figure is growing prolifically. The growth pattern has been brisk and both could take the world of social media by the scruff of its neck and ensure it to be the next generation’s active mode of interaction.

Though Instagram stands out prominently as a much used social media platform it has some inherent issues that users encounter and which could be quite frustrating. Whilst one is the downloading of photos from the Instagram platform which is quite understandably due to copyright issues. The other is the difficulty or inability of adding clickable links onto your Instagram platform.

Adding clickable links gives those who come onboard your Instagram posts the opportunity of going directly to where you would want them to go. Leaving them to fend for themselves could be detrimental as you would not know where they would end up. If they go elsewhere you could be doing all the hard work whilst some others would take the credit for it or make a profit out of your efforts. To prevent these, the best option that you would have would be to provide clickable links and then direct them specifically where they would have to go if you are to go about your business.

There would not be a second chance if you would want to do something with the presence of the customer on your Instagram but unable to do so at such ridiculous prices. Getting others who would land on your Instagram and read your posts and being directed elsewhere where you want them to go would be an effective Call to Action. If you could do that it would be a very effective way of achieving your marketing objectives and that of the affiliates that you would either working with or for.

Instagram has a problem where you would not be able to do this and similar to all other rules in everything we tend to do there are exceptions on the Instagram platform too. Hence finding an appropriate deviation from the norm would be the best way of going and ensure clickable links are added onto your Instagram posts.

There are many restrictions when you would try to place clickable links and one that would stand out would be the absence of analytics to any post. The other issue is that the URL should not exceed more than 150 characters, hence if it is long and extended you could encounter issues on this issue as well.

Still you could get over the problem if you would go onto the “link in bio” and then post your required links through it. Once you have mastered this you would be able to create the right environment to post the clickable links of your Instragram platform for others who would come onboard to be correctly directed. Once the clickable links are put in place you could be rest assured that they would perform to their best ability. This would enable your prospects to go directly to where they need to go and take a look.

These clickable links are the best form of call to action and would also ensure that you take credit for whatever would be done by the prospect. If they buy or engage still it would be your efforts that would bring about this very important action. Prospective customers need to be well directed towards the right sources and these clickable links are the best thing that would make that all important difference.

In a few steps you could achieve it and once you have done so your Instagram posts would be what most of your prospects would look forward to. Instagram has placed certain restrictions with specific reasons and it is to ensure fair play and according an equal playing field for everyone. Hence it would need to be taken in that spirit and whatever could be filtered out should be done so within the parameters set by Instagram. Instagram is here to stay and it would be best if we fall in line with its requirements.