How to Accelerate Instagram Growth (without Buying Followers)

The Magical One Billion

It did not take very long, and unlike most of the other social media platforms, the versatile Instagram crossed that Magical One Billion of dedicated users in the shortest possible time. It did in the summer of 2018 and is in the forefront today with more than 500 million active users on the platform at any given 24 hour time. It has a worldwide reach and Instagram has been uploading nearly 50 million images and video since it was launched in October 2010.

It is growing in leaps and bounds and has become the darling of every digital marketing professional worth his or her salt to use the platform to their optimum benefit. Instagram is a platform of versatility where images and videos along with text could be uploaded instantaneously to reach followers spread right across the globe. This has made it a very portent medium to bring brands in all their glory to the palms of potential customers making it a very popularly used platform by everyone.

Instagram is a very flexible social media platform where users could create, share and interact with friends and their favorite brands whatever they would like which places it an advantage among other media. The vast reservoir of Instagram users which stands today at the magical One Billion, is very fertile ground for all and sundry. Using it effectively would be the name of the game and if you could master it, brands could build millions of followers who would be potential customers down the road.

Building followers

Encompassing more and more followers around a brand is what would propel it to greater heights and ensure it stands proud and handsome among all its competitors. Hence building followers is what every professional marketer would endeavor to achieve if they are entrusted with a brand and tasked to bring it to the public domain in style and with popularity. To do so it would be imperative to find every which way possible to create avenues to achieve the optimum number of followers around a brand.

There are many ways which you could employ to grow and accelerate Instagram followers and one very distinct method is to buy your way through for which there are many entities out there, which could assist your brand. Doing so would not have that human touch and most of it would be done and achieved by what we would call “Bots” which are in the real sense robots doing the work of humans.

On the contrary building followers using the time tested methods would have that genuine human touch and would endear your brand to your discerning customers. Hence doing so and not buying followers would be quite arduous but would bring a different kind of success at the end of the day.

Research has shown that about 80% of Instagram users effectively interact with the brands that they would select on a regular basis. Instagram users would be encompassed into the various activities that would be created by the brands to keep their potential customers on the edge of their seats at all times. Building this following is the challenge and we look at the best methods that could be executed to do so without buying them from the platform.

It is the colossal revenue of about US $ 6.5 Billion that churns up on the Instagram platform annually which attracts everyone who is someone on the digital marketing that has brought such a wide interest compared to any other social media platform.

If you could ensure the following you could grow your Instagram more organically and abstain from buying your followers and give that needed human touch to your brand.

#1. Post content every day

Posting content daily would keep your audience on the edge of their seats. If your posts are interesting they would longingly await for your next post after they have digested the previous one.

#2. Provide audience preference

Post just what your audience would look forward to.

#3. Work on all social media

Keep a presence on all other social media.

#4. Interact closely with your target audience

Find out what your target audience prefer and feed them that.

#5. Strategize your Hashtags

Select the most appropriate hashtags, and be found easily.

#6. User Generated Content (UGC) should be encouraged

Provide the impetus for users among your audience to poast what they want and encourage them to do so.

#7. Work with influencers

Work very closely with influencers from every spectrum as they could play a very vital role to bring you and sustain your brand in the limelight.

#8. Be prominent on other social media

Try not to be just on every other social media platform, be there with a purpose and with some clout so that you would be noticed and appreciated.