7 Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business

Times change, marketing evolves and businesses have two alternatives: renew or maybe die. The Instagram has actually opted for the very first alternative. Instagram already did it long ago while they launched the functionality that allowed uploading videos to Instagram with a maximum of 15 seconds, and it did it again in 2016 increasing the duration of the videos up to 60 seconds and launching what many know as the imitation of Snapchat, that is, Instagram Stories.

You want to take advantage of the power of the videos on Instagram, your results will be much better than what you get today.

Here are 7 Best Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business:

1. Define Your Goals

Before starting to post videos, ask yourself the following question: what do you want to achieve when uploading videos to Instagram? When you have a nice answer to you goal question, then you can start to now define your very own video marketing approach. For example, maybe you want to attract more traffic to your business website, reach more people, increase the number of followers, improve your brand image or get more views.

Be that as it may, being clear about where you want to go is vital for creating visual pieces that guarantee results.

2. Be Clear About What Types Of Videos Fit Into Your Business

There are many ways to succeed on Instagram but for that undoubtedly you will have to choose the types of videos that really work (and even instead of limiting one of them you can combine them).

Think that thousands of videos are uploaded every day, so to highlight you will have to be very creative, and in fact, the limit of 60 seconds per video will force you to be – at least if you want to take advantage of every second of broadcasting.

3. Take Care Of The Appearance Of Your Brand

The lovely Instagram is the great network of the trendy visual content of distinction, and that not only implies that you want to post beautiful content, but you want to actually take care with the appearance so that it corresponds with what you want to transmit. And for this, the best thing is to design a style guide with all the parameters to take into account.

For example, create a style guide with the editorial line to follow the aesthetics of the brand, the predominant colors, the theme and everything that helps you create the brand image.

RedBull is one of the companies that do it best and, their brand aesthetics are very well defined and their publications follow the same.

4. Make Specific Videos For Instagram

If you want to make the most of the power of video marketing, within your social media strategy you should watch the videos on YouTube, the native videos on Facebook and even through Facebook Live and the videos on Twitter.

And you will be thinking, then, why not do the video only once and publish it at the same time in all the networks? It is not a bad reasoning, but it is not the best option either.

The reason is very simple: while on Facebook or Twitter you can post long videos, the 60 seconds limit of Instagram videos requires that you create impressive, visually appealing content, catch the reader from the minute zero and provide value from the beginning.

If you choose to upload videos to Instagram that are specific to the platform, you will achieve better results.

Also, think that on Instagram the videos are played automatically and without sound by default, so also take advantage of creating pieces that make sense even without sound since many users check the network while traveling on public transport or while they are in class, in the work or in another place where it is not possible to activate the sound.

5. Make Special Campaigns

One among the great advantages of Instagram is just immediacy, thus why not quickly take a special day or date to launch your campaigns, which enable ’s you to gain you long desired visibility as well as increase users engagement as to get better results?

You can take advantage of holidays like Christmas, Halloween or Carnival to make a video related to this theme, or you can take advantage of great events such as a presidential election, the celebration of the Olympics or the final of a football competition.

6. Take Advantage Of The #Hashtags

The use of hashtags is what will help you to discover people, so find and explore trends and try to use them in your videos as long as they are relevant. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, so decide which ones to use and which ones you want to relate to your content topics.

Of course, do not fall into the error of over-using hashtags or otherwise, you’ll weary your audience. Like everything else, the key lies in the balance. Starbucks, for example, always uses hashtags in its videos. This helps you: 1) attract new followers, and 2) connect with your audience.

7. Use Instagram Stories To Boost Your Strategy

Instagram Stories are other great novelties of the platform that will help you connect with your audience. Basically, it consists of uploading several photos or videos that you can edit with text, scribbles, and drawings that will be displayed as a sequence or story.

It is very similar to the stories of Snapchat, and its main feature is that they are displayed at the top of the app with which your followers will see your stories as soon as they enter Instagram.

Of course, the videos will disappear after 24 hours and during this time you can go edit it and even see the statistics of who has visualized your story.

Lastly, when uploading videos to Instagram you can see the interaction they have had as well as the number of views or comments. Therefore, when you post numerous videos, you could (and must) assess the stuff your followers like most and follow that very path. And also, measure and analyze the results to know what to improve.