7 Ways to Boost Your Conversion with Instagram Ads

With more than 700 million active users, Instagram, without a doubt is a platform to get a massive conversion. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to leverage the power of Instagram in boosting conversion and generating revenue.

Instagram remains an incredible platform for businesses despite the massive competition. Millions of businesses are still getting a massive result on Instagram. If you learn how to optimize your Instagram ads to stand out from your competition and grab users’ attention, you will surely boost your conversion and increase your overall revenue.

If your Instagram ads have been giving you less than the desired result, this article will expose you to the mistakes you are making and teach hacks you can use to boost your conversion on Instagram.

One reason why most people don’t get a good result with Instagram ads is because they really don’t understand how Instagram works. You need to study the platform and more importantly, understand the habit of the users if you want to be getting a massive conversion with your Instagram ads. In this article, you will learn of tricks you can easily use to boost conversion and increase your revenue.

1. Appeal to Your Customer’s Pain Points

One mistake most people make is that they create their ads without understanding what their customers want. Your Instagram campaign isn’t about what you want. Instead, it is about what your customers want. Unless you address their pain points, your Instagram ads will not perform the way you hoped.

Unfortunately, understanding customer’s pain points isn’t easy. A good way to understand customer’s pain point is to search for what is trending or what people are searching and then create a campaign around them.

2. Segment Your Audience

A great way to boost your conversion with Instagram ads is to run laser-targeted ads. Fortunately, you can do this through audience segmentation. This allows you to separate your audience into distinct niches and then create ads that are not only relevant but will appeal to each group of users.

Take for an example, an accounting firm may need to create different ads targeting freelancers and another one targeting small and medium businesses. Segmenting your audience is the best way to make your ads relevant and improve your result.

3. Tell A Story

If you are looking to create Instagram ads that will resonate with your audience, I would recommend that you use a story. This always works if you learn how to do it properly. People will always remember your story and it will help them to connect to your product or the service you offer. To boost your conversion, you need to use a story that appeals to pain points and emotions. You can always use this strategy to boost your conversion with Instagram ads.

4. Use High-Quality Images

Instagram is all about images. I always feel shocked whenever I see marketer using poor-quality images in their Instagram ads. You need a high-quality image that matches your brand identity.

Use images that will easily draw the attention of your target audience. Your images must be interesting in order to get the right results. Make sure you don’t lift images from “Google images” or steal it from other websites. You can be sued or embarrassed by their original owners. You can find creative commons images or buy stock images from Getty Images and similar services.

5. Make Use of Videos

Videos will get the type of conversion that you won’t get with images. Most Instagram users love to watch videos. Instagram videos are very powerful and you can use them to get the type of result you want. You can use videos to show product tutorials, influencers’ testimonials as well as use them to introduce users to your products and services. Since videos can allow audience see your product in action, you will definitely get more conversion when you make use of videos.

6. Work With Influencers

One tactic most businesses are using nowadays is to get Instagram influencers to post honest reviews or testimonials. Instagram influencers are people who are popular on Instagram. Getting an honest review or testimonial from them may be the silver bullet you need to boost your conversion. People are more likely to trust a product that Instagram influencer recommended over other products in the same category.

7. Have Clear, Relevant CTAs

You are unlikely to get good conversion when you don’t have clear Call-To-Action. Your Instagram ads must tell your audience the action you want them to take. If you need them to submit their email, you should use something like “Subscribe Now”. Alternatively, you can use “Shop Now” when you want them to buy your product. Be creative with your CTAs and you will easily increase your conversion with Instagram ads.