7 Tips for Mastering Instagram for Business

Five years ago, you can be forgiven if you say you don’t know the benefits of Instagram for your business but not in 2018. With more than 700 million active users and over a million business profiles, Instagram is one sure-way to showcase your business to the world and make a mad profit.

Shockingly, most businesses still do not know how exactly to tap the benefits Instagram has to offer to their business. Even after reading it up, some still go ahead and create Instagram accounts that look similar to something you see in your pre-school days. If you are really serious about using Instagram for marketing, simply creating your business profile won’t do it for you.

Apart from Facebook, there is no other social media platform where you can see such a huge amount of audience willing to do business with you. Remove Facebook from the picture, no other Social Media platform comes close to Instagram. If you are not leveraging Instagram correctly, you are losing a lot of money.

Age doesn’t stop you from mastering Instagram for business. Moreover, your type of business doesn’t matter either, even if you sell cow’s poo (which I pray you don’t), you will likely see someone that is willing to pay you for it on Instagram if you do your Instagram marketing correctly. In this article, you will learn 7 key tips for mastering Instagram for business.

Master These Key Instagram Tips and Take Your Business To The Next Level

1. Create a Stunning Account

You certainly must have heard the saying “first impression matters a lot”. The type of account you create on Instagram will have a lot to say about your business.

Avoid creating an account that looks like a haunted house. If you don’t know how to create an exceptional Instagram Business account, there are a number of freelancers and social media managers on sites such as Fiverr that can help you create a stunning account. For all intent and purposes, you need to create an outstanding account if you are serious about mastering Instagram for business.

To create an account that will stand out, research top businesses in your industry and take an inspiration from their account.

2. Engage Your Audience By Posting Frequently

Don’t abandon your audience. I have seen tons of business falling for this. You need to keep your audience engaged by posting frequently. Posting once per day is fine, this way, you will keep your product relevant and your audience engaged.

Hey! Don’t go overboard. Deciding to take things up and post more than once a day may have a negative effect. It could lead to a dramatic decrease in engagement. Most people hate it when you post too frequently and disturb their notifications. Keep your post short and sweet.

3. Don’t Forget to Hashtag

A hashtag is a very powerful feature. If you are not hashtagging, you are missing a lot. With the right combination of hashtags, you can easily extend your brand reach to a large targeted audience.

Don’t conclude any post without using right hashtags. Using proper hashtags will help you to organize your posts and even attract new followers.

Check the most popular hashtag used by your major competitors and don’t forget to come up with your brand unique hashtags as well. With the proper hashtag, you can increase engagement and reach.

4. Interact With Your Audience and other Users

Never feel too big or too busy to interact with your followers as well as other users. It is a great way to engage them and extend your reach. You can interact with your followers and other users via tags, likes, mentions, and comments.

In fact, I will recommend you spend 10 minutes per day on Instagram to engage with your followers and other users.

Your customer will be very happy when you mention him in your posts. When customers feel that you are always interacting with them, they will keep on coming back and it becomes easier to win their trust and loyalty. When this happens, selling to them becomes so much easier.

5. Leverage Instagram Stories for Solid Engagement

Instagram Stories is a great feature that you can use to create solid engagement. This feature allows you to give your followers a glimpse into your business. It is a great way to engage your followers.

You can use Instagram Stories to offer a Limited-Time Special offer to your followers. You can as well use this feature to give them a look-behind-the-scene of your business. This allows you to connect with your followers and engage them in a very unique and special way.

6. Follow Your Followers Back

Unfortunately, a lot of brands on Instagram don’t follow back. You can create strategic relationships on Instagram when you follow brands and users you enjoy. You can learn from these brands or Instagram influencers and even build a relationship with them.

Moreover, a great way to collaborate with other brands in your industry is by creating a relationship with them. To do this, you will have to follow them and find a way to connect and engage with them.

7. Don’t Forget the Instagram Ads

A good way to make your business go viral on Instagram is by leveraging the Instagram ads.

Instagram ads are very powerful and effective. It is the perfect way to step up your game and reach a much wider audience. The great thing about Instagram ads is that you can target a selected audience which allows you spend less while reaching your targeted audience. If you want to give your business a boost, try Instagram ads.


Mastering Instagram for business will no doubt help you to take your business to the next level. When you incorporate these tips we shared above into your daily practices, you will notice a great improvement in your overall marketing.

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