7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Did you know that your Instagram profile picture has a significant impact on the engagement of a visitor to your Instagram profile? The right Instagram profile picture not only leads to more likes and comments on your pictures but in particular, it convinces your visitor to follow you on Instagram.

When a visitor visits your profile for the first time, they will statistically decide within a few seconds whether to follow you or not. If you decide to do so, next to your Instagram feed, your Instagram profile picture will play a crucial role.

In this article, we’ll tell you the best tips to get the most engagement with your Instagram profile picture and increase your reach.

#1. The Right Picture Format

First of all, it is important that you pay attention to the correct picture format when choosing your Instagram profile picture. The perfect format for your Instagram profile picture is 110 × 110 pixels. Remember that the profile picture is slightly round. Therefore, when setting up your Instagram profile picture, make sure nothing important is cut off later.

#2. Show Your Face On Your Instagram Profile Picture

People truly like to look at faces even as babies. Faces are influential channels of a non-vocal message. We always observe them in a variety of contexts. These include attractiveness, emotions, and identity. Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Yahoo Lab have evaluated over a million images on Instagram.

They have found that pictures with a face over 30% have more engagement. Your face in your Instagram profile picture will also help your visitors get to know you faster. Furthermore, it generates confidence, it’s therefore, essential that your face is visible on your Instagram profile picture.

#3. A Smile On Your Instagram Profile Picture

If you smile on your Instagram profile picture, it will increase your sympathy with your visitor; you also gain incompetence and influence. It’s important that your teeth also show, but without laughing too hard. Studies have found that a smile with a closed mouth leads to a small increase in sympathy.

Although a very strong laugh increases sympathy the most but leads to a loss of competence and influence, perfect is, therefore, a smile with teeth, with a smile with teeth, you not only increase your sympathy with your visitor, but also competence and influence.

#4. Show Your Eyes On Your Instagram Profile Picture

By no means should your eyes be hidden on your Instagram profile picture, such as sunglasses. University of Virginia scientists has found information transmitted through the whites on the eyes. In particular, the ability of the other person to look deeply into the eyes creates confidence. Be sure not to cover your eyes on your Instagram profile picture so that they are completely visible.

#5. Watch For A Blue Background On Your Instagram Profile Picture

A study that analyzed more than 8 million images on Instagram found that images with a blue dominant background color received 24% more likes than images with a red background color. You should definitely take this positive effect in your profile picture to the heart to persuade even more visitors of your profile to follow you.

It, therefore, makes sense to choose a picture with a sea or a lake. So you can naturally bring blue into the background of your Instagram profile picture.

#6. Keep The Image Of Your Instagram Profile In The Brand

If you’re a business on Instagram, you should use your logo (or an abbreviated version of your logo) as your profile photo. This can help in the brand’s long-term recognition and ensures that everyone who appears on your Instagram page is quickly included in your logo as well as bands!

On the other hand, if your business is personal, such as a photographer, an influencer, or a life coach, you can use a headshot as an Instagram profile image. Why? Because if you sell on Instagram, you want to introduce the visitors immediately!

#7. Keep Your Instagram Profile In Evergreen

It does not look professional when it’s the middle of summer and your profile picture shows you in front of a Christmas tree! A new follower who finds your profile might think you are not as active on Instagram or have not taken care to update your Instagram profile picture in months.

Instead of choosing a photo that is seasonal or simply attached to a unique event, such as standing on a pumpkin patch, decorating the Christmas tree, or graduation photo, you want to choose an Instagram profile image that will always remain evergreen and that’s the test of time.

The evergreen also helps with brand recognition as your followers recognize the image of your Instagram profile as they review your Instagram stories or perhaps scroll through the feeds!

Some Other Tips

If you have the opportunity, take your new profile picture with a good camera. If you don’t have your own camera, ask your friends. You will surely find a friend who can help you since a smartphone is all that it takes.

One mistake many people make when choosing their Instagram profile picture is they show too much body. The face appears very small. Remember that your profile picture in the photo stream is just tiny.

Cut your Instagram profile picture rightly so that your head and a bit of your shoulders are visible. It’s not about hair and clothes. Rather, it’s about your face! That is what attracts people and helps them to know you when they see you again and again!


If you follow these tips when choosing your Instagram profile picture, we guarantee a higher conversion of visitors to your Instagram profile to new followers. Along with describing your Instagram profile and the overall look of your Instagram feed, your Instagram profile image is an important component of your business card on Instagram. At this point, you cannot spend enough time and work on the perfect Instagram profile picture!