6 Ways to Crush It on Instagram: Top Growth Strategies

The waters of the swimming pool would be calm and undisturbed and all of a sudden someone would jump in and make a huge splash. This happens in digital marketing too. The cases of “Uber” and “Airbnb” could be very good examples to cite.

These recent guys who jumped with a splash onto the digital marketing platform and made a huge splash took away the business of others right under their noses. The Instagram growth that was there for the taking was taken advantage of by them to the optimum. Whilst others were walking these two just sprinted past them and what they are today on the worldwide platform in their respective fields are what legends are made of.

These two initiated an Instagram growth of phenomenal proportions and they propelled themselves not only to success but to remain on top when other players who were in these traditionally just looked on with open mouths. This is the strength of the Instagram platform it is reaching 800 million monthly users, with a phenomenal 500 million on it at any given 24 hour period.

The stupendous Instagram growth has made it possible and you could do too if you would strategize effectively and be prudent in what you do and how you would get about doing it. The platform is huge in digital marketing terms, it is just how you would approach and take advantage of the Instagram growth.

We look at just six of the many ways you could crush on it and take your business to the heights that you envisage, which would be true Instagram growth. One term that you would have been party to, would be “Growth Hacking” which is what you should do to get yourself also there, right on top of your game.

#1. Control the numbers

You may have thousands on your Instagram platform but if they are just passing through it would be futile to your efforts. Hence you need to get more productive potentials rather than all and sundry. Towards that end you may have to ensure that the Instagram growth that you envisage is productively met.

To achieve that you would need to control the numbers which means that you don’t just throw the hook line and sinker and then wait for a bite but keep targeting the right channels. There are specific places where your potentials would be loitering look up and find those places and target them effectively.

#2. Pick and post the perfect content

The content that you post should be consistent and also with substance and only then would be keeping the tempo up and running. Those who read through your content should come back and for that you would need to post quality and not just quantity.

If they are interested in what they read there would be no doubt that they would come back for more. It is the way to ensure Instagram growth and ensure that it works for you effectively. Potential customers come onto your pages to see and read what you have to offer, hence keep them excited and engrossed.

#3. Work with the influencers

There are hundreds of influencers out there who could help you achieve your goals. You would need to pick on their expertise and their goodwill and rapport with others. They could help you immensely but for that you may need to target and find them. It would be just one way that you could make inroads to the millions of potentials out there.

#4. Brand is important

Your brand needs to stand out and that is the most important criteria if you are to ensure Instagram growth. Everything would depend on how you would position your brand on the Instagram platform. Check out what the competition would be doing.

It would not be necessary to follow them, but do something different and that is exactly what Uber and Airbnb did. They just turned the tables around keeping everyone else flatfooted and caught napping.

#5. Brand #hashtags should stand out

Ensure that whatever you would do stands out from the norm. Success never came to anybody by doing run of the mill stuff. Success came to those who thought differently.

It is thinking out of the box that matters and if you could do that your pages could draw more than what your competition would envisage. That would be the first step on the road to success.

#6. Put out a near perfect Instagram profile

Your profile should be perfect and in this game the best would be what would get success. Hence think which option would be best for you and then go out with a bang because the more noise you make would be better for your brand.

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