6 Reasons Why Instagram is Critical to Growing a Small Business

Every individual who begins a business always has success in mind. The hustle and bustle of beginning a business and bringing it to a point of an establishment is quite a challenge, and most people tend to be discouraged when things are not going the way they expected.

However, in order to succeed in the business world, you need to be aggressive and take every opportunity as a stepping stone to a higher level. The market is flooded with all kinds of business ventures all competing for the customer base available in their niche. Business people use different tactics to get noticed and increase their clientele in order to raise their sales.

With the introduction of modern technological techniques, it has now become easier to advertise and make yourself known to people who couldn’t reach you before. One of the platforms that businesses have embraced is the Instagram, and the following six reasons will tell you why it is critical to use it in growing your small business.

1. Instagram boosts your sales

With over the 800 million people who use Instagram daily, using this platform can surely boost your sales by updating your followers on the different products and services you offer. You can give an awareness campaign and promotions to attract more traffic to your site.

With the right techniques, Instagram adverts can put you in a better position of increasing your profit margins and enable your business to change its status and become widely known. You can also put an active link in your bio section, and urge people visiting your site to click on it in order to be directed to the main page of your business.

2. Build connections

It’s obvious that no business can stand on its own without help and assistance from outside. Instagram has a number of established businesses that can help you overcome the challenges of a young business with ease.

You can use Instagram to find people who are in the same business as you or connections that can get your revenues up. The connections will also teach you the secrets and skills required to maintain your presence and keep running even when things are not favorable.

3. Enhance your brand

Instagram has the ability to convey emotions and edit images. These features can allow you to improve your image to go hand in hand with your brand. If yours is a modern business you can use filters which bring out bright colors and convey modernity. Putting photos on your business also give the customers a different perspective on what you are doing, and the audience gets to know what exactly it is that you deal with in your business.

4. Instagram is a friendly marketing tool

Marketing a business or coming up with clever ways to sell you to the world can be a hectic process which involves a lot of time, and money. However, thanks to Instagram you can now market your business to reach a wide range of people without much strain as the feature is quite cheap and effective.

Instagram doesn’t use formulas and algorithms to choose the features that your audience is supposed to view. Whatever you post in your gallery remains the way it is and stays there unless you pull it down.

Instagram allows you to communicate with your clients privately, and solve issues related to the business without it being public. Offering customer service and getting direct feedback is quite easy to handle on Instagram and this can help the business to target different posts.

5. It incorporates content generated by the user

As a small business, you can use videos or photos that have been created by your customer to further grow your business. Instagram gives you access to these contents to enable you to use them in your personal strategy and purpose of making significant growth.

Contests, hashtags or tags can be used to allow your audiences submit their contents to your site. The advantage of this is that you great quality content which will help you market your business without having to create one, thus saving you time and at the same time, giving your customers diverse ideas of the business through the different contents available.

6. Helps in analysis tracking

Using the Iconosquare, you can easily track the business data. The site enables you to check on the best times you can post about your business, the time you lost or gained followers when your followers are active, the posts that have been clicked numerous times, and many more. This information and data are important as it will give you a clear picture of how your business is progressing and the areas where it needs improvement and boosting.

Instagram can be a fun tool to use for your business as it enables you to enjoy every moment you engage with your customers, and at the same time create, and increase your revenue in a great way.

However, it’s important to note that you are using the platform for business purpose and the fun shouldn’t distract you from focusing on growing and expanding your small business. Make use of your Instagram today, and see your business rise in ways you wouldn’t imagine.