6 Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business

It seems Instagram keep on getting better for brands with every new day. Just when you think Instagram can’t get any better, they come up with a feature that will blow your mind. With all the features on Instagram, it will be extremely detrimental for any business to ignore Instagram in their marketing.

In recent years, a video has been ranked as the type of content with the best ROI. Perhaps, this is the reason Instagram came up with an Instagram video which gives you 60 seconds to impress your followers.  It is a great way to showcase the authenticity and creativity of your brand.

Instagram has an estimated 250+ million active users. This gives you an incredible opportunity to reach out to as many people as possible. The videos have a 24-hour lifespan which makes them generates a sense of urgency. Business can, therefore, leverage the sense of urgency these videos generate to market their brand. You can make use of Instagram Videos to improve your social media marketing and entrench your brand in the minds of fans and customers alike.

Instagram Videos has been around for so many years. Unfortunately, most business only began to realize the value recently. If you are yet to learn how to use Instagram Videos for your business, this article will teach you everything you need to know about Instagram Videos.

Top Ways To Use Instagram Videos For Business

1. Offer Time-Limited Deals

Have you ever heard of FOMO? Or Fear of Missing Out? With the sense of urgency this 24-hours video generates, you can tap into customer’s love for deals because of time-sensitive nature of these videos.

You can set up an offer so that the redemption time is only within the story’s lifespan of 24 hours. Offer a fantastic product that people love. You can as well offer your product at a discount price. Just make sure that the offer expires when the video expires. This way, you will keep people guessing, they will keep on coming back in the future to check your stories in the hope of catching another deal.

2. Show a Sneak-Peek of Your Upcoming Product

You can create a buzz around your upcoming product using Instagram Videos. It is a great way to unveil a product. Since you don’t want your followers to have all the details yet; You can make the product look more interesting by just highlighting the most interesting part of the product in the short 60-seconds videos.

Of course, you can always direct them to click the link on your bio to read more about the product on your website.

3. Show Your Products in Action

You have a great product, right? Why not use Instagram Video to show your followers how your product works. You can make use of this short video to give your customers a feel of what your product looks like. Just ensure that the video is unscripted and a spontaneous representation of your product in action.

4. Invite An Influencer

Nowadays, even small brands can work with an influencer. Influencers are people with a huge following. Your fans are more likely to trust your product when they see you working with an influencer. You don’t have to get celebrity influencers; you can always reach out to micro-influencers in your niche. Instagram video is a great opportunity to invite an influencer and work with him to show your followers your awesome product.

5. Create Short Commercials

In case you are wondering, Instagram Video is perfect for creating short emotional, funny or inspirational commercial. When you put up your ads on Instagram, there are about over 200 million active daily Instagram users waiting to see your ads. You can use Instagram video to present your product creatively to your target customers.

6. Create a DIY Video

You would be surprised at what you can accomplish in one minute.  A short DIY video is a great opportunity to make your brand go viral. Your followers will always appreciate a DIY-video and they can share it with their friends if they find it helpful.

Final Thought

Instagram Videos is a very valuable tool. To get the type of result you want, make sure you create high-quality videos.  With the tactics mentioned above, you can create more effective videos for your Instagram presence.

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