5 Trends Shaping the Future of Instagram Marketing

At this point, it’s important to think about the kinds of Instagram trends that both companies and social media managers should be aware of when it comes to being better online next year. Social networks are growing faster and faster, and trends and algorithms are constantly changing; therefore, it’s important to understand what works out there.

Instagram has truly become one of the leading independent podiums in the digital space, and IG network remains a must-have for businesses in the current social media marketing space.

Here Are Five Instagram Trends That You Should Consider When Preparing For Next Year

Number#1. Instagram Shopping

Before the advent of the Internet as well as social networks, the local shopping center had two main objectives: it was the commercial center of the region, but it was also one of the main social interest points for many people, especially the younger generations. Social networks have become the new commercial center in both respects, even though in reverse order. It started as a purely social space, but nowadays it’s increasingly a place where users can buy something.

Instagram strongly promoted this last year, allowing companies to tag products in publications and stories, as well as the new shopping tab on the Explore page. Undoubtedly, the new and popular IGTV will also be added to the shopping experience in the future. To date, there is no consensus on what works best for whom. Therefore, you should test some and see which of them will produce your desired results.

Number#2. Vertical Videos

Remember in the past in which people would post a video vertically rather than horizontally and then the audience’s response was, turn your phone aside to view it well!. These times are over, and vertical video is right now the trend. Instagram has taken advantage of all this and is the main reason for the Instagram trends post. Love this trend or hate it, you should take advantage of it and consider it when publishing a video.

Number#3. IGTV

When Instagram started Stories, it almost immediately slowed down the Snapchat game. Some say it may have been the beginning of the end. In any case, stories that are essentially a copy of Snapchat have quickly hung out and become very popular. Instagram expects IGTV to target the same long-term success in the video space, even though it was slower at the beginning.

Given the history of Instagram, betting against IGTV would not be wise. The best game would be to get involved early, simply because it will grow significantly in the upcoming year next year.

Number#4. Instagram Ads

You probably were against Instagram ads, like many companies, against buying ads on Facebook. Today, it was painfully obvious to the companies that were a bad idea. It is rumored that Instagram ads in 2019 will be one biggest Instagram trends, especially for videos in stories. If maybe you use Instagram for business, this trend should be the right move for your business.

Number#5. AR Filter In Stories (AFS)

That is sensible. The fun filters on Instagram have always been popular with users, and stories are a big hit. Since the AR filters are used in the Stories videos and the pictures, you know what? They are very popular! You should use stories to reach more users, and you should use the AR filters in stories to inform them with interest.

Finally, employing these Instagram trends will bring more results for your business; these great trends are easy ways to market your products and have a good ROI.