5 Essential Tools to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

If you own multiple businesses, you might run into the situation of managing multiple Instagram accounts. The problem with running numerous Instagram accounts is that it’s time-consuming to handle all the messages coming in, keeping up with your content strategy, and all the tedious tasks required to keep up a successful account.

We put together a list of five tools that will make managing multiple Instagram accounts a breeze.

1. Instagram App

As of 2016, Instagram allows you to add multiple accounts within the app, and the ability to switch between them without having to log out and log back in. Unfortunately, the limitation is that you can only add up to five profiles.

To add multiple Instagram accounts:

1. Go to your profile and tap the gear or settings icon in the top right.

2. Scroll down and tap Add Account. It’s near the bottom.

3. Enter the username and password of the account you’d like to add.

2. Canva – Create Content

Creating different content with multiple layouts can be difficult when managing more than one account. Canva is a free graphic-design tool that provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts.

What we love about Canva is how simple it is to create an Instagram post without any design skills. You can quickly search for templates that fit your content strategy or design a template from scratch using their online software. You can save your template and continue to reuse them in the future.

Canva premium will allow you to keep your brand image consistent by giving you the options to set a color palette, set default fonts and upload your logos.

Lastly, you can also invite up to 10 team members for free to work under the same account.

3. HopperHQ – Schedule + Post Content

Scheduling and posting content is one of the most time-consuming activities you will face when managing multiple accounts. Majority of popular scheduling tools cannot automatically post to your Instagram account. For example, Hootsuite and Buffer require you to download their app and manually post your scheduled images and copy the caption to Instagram.

HopperHQ is the complete Instagram scheduling solution. Automatically posting your scheduled content to Instagram with no frustrating ‘reminders’ or push notifications. Watch a preview of how the tool works below.


HopperHQ starts at $19/month for one account and is cheaper if you sign up annually or with multiple accounts. Sign up today for your 14-day free trial.

4. BeSocial.Online – Engagement

Incredibly simple tool to help manage all your comments and direct messages all in one place. The interface is similar to the comment section on Youtube. Click reply, and a text box will open up for you to type your message. The message will automatically add the @username of the person you’re replying to and also supports emojis.

Organizing your comments and messages is made easy. The tool provides you the ability to filter by account or even keywords. The messages are also labeled as read for the comments/messages you have already seen, versus new. The issue is that we weren’t able to find any way to filter for new. For important threads you want to keep track of, you can also pin it in the top.

The tool also supports a publishing function similar to HopperHQ. Though the interface is rudimentary and is missing a few nice to have features such as a calendar view, it does the job of easily scheduling posts ahead of time and having the system post it automatically to Instagram without an app.

The coming soon features are quite attractive. The most notable feature we love is the ability to manage your comments and messages through Telegram. We would love the ability to manage all the comments and messages on the go, and all in one place.

Another feature that we’re interested in seeing is the reporting side of the tool. From the website, it only specifies “basic stats,” which could mean tracking number of comments, messages, and followers on a daily basis.

One thing to note is that the software uses a proxy to access your account. That means that it’s logging in to your account at another place in the world to scrape all your comments. If you’re running lots of automation tools with proxies, be wary that Instagram will flag your account as suspicious and possibly suspend your account.

BeSocial starts at $5/month per account and gets significantly cheaper with 25 profiles. Sign up today for your 14-day free trial.

5. Command App – Analytics

Reporting and analyzing the performance of your Instagram engagement is critical to building a large account. If you’re serious about Instagram, we highly recommend you downloading this free app.

First, the Command app gives an excellent overview of the performance of your account. With the free subscription, you’re able to see the number of likes and comments you are receiving on your post over time. It also provides you a snapshot of your best time to post, top posts and your increase in followers.

The Command app also grades your Instagram account and uncovers area to improve. It analysis everything from your engagement rate, follower count, post frequency, captions and much more. Like a report card, it grades you on an A-F scale so you can quickly identify where to focus your improvements.

Secondly, the Command app has powerful research tools to help grow your Instagram account. Here is the list of tools available with the Command App.

1. Hashtag Influencer Exporter: this tool allows you to find Instagram influencers that are using a hashtag. It does so by analyzing recent posts from a given hashtag and ranking it by likes. We love how easy it is to see what hashtags, filters and image aspect ratios the influencers are using, and users they tagged all in a CSV file.

2. Hashtag Suggestions: enter a hashtag, and the tool will automatically find similar hashtags. We gave this a try by inputting #motivation, and the tool was able to find 170 hashtag suggestions. We also verified that all these hashtags were high quality and active hashtags users are using.

3. International Days Calendar: if you want to create posts around a special day in the year, this tool lists them out. From Darwin day, to International Woman’s day, the list is endless.

4. Global Stats: If you want to know what are the best times to post, top hashtags, or which filters you should use, this app analyzes it all to give you the best settings to get you the most engagement on your posts. You can further filter down by timezone and country to see what works in your location.

5. Tracking: Want to see what your competitors are doing? Track up with 50 accounts with premium. You will be able to see everything from their engagement rates, posts, change in followers and much more without accessing their account.

Lastly, the Command app allows you to create collages of your best or worst content easily. You first select the image grid, then choose whether to fill the grid with the most/least liked, commented or popular images.

Unfortunately, this app is only exclusive to iPhone users. You can use the app for free, but with limited functionality. A premium subscription will cost you $10/month. Sign up today for your 7-day free trial and download the app for iPhone here.

Do you have any tools you are using today that is helping you manage multiple Instagram accounts? Let us know down in the comments.