4 Ways to Contact Instagram for Support

Ever wondered how to contact Instagram? Instagram is an application that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends. According to a study, this social network is a very good means of communication for both companies and celebrities. Nevertheless, users often face problems during their use of the application. It’s very important to know all available options if official Instagram support does not provide a solution. This article explains how to contact the official Instagram page, use the phone, email and more.

However, contacting Instagram is the easiest step. All emails, messages, and tweets are received, but the problem is getting an answer. Even if they answer, after 24-hour messaging, technical support often asks for more details about your issue. You indicate this, then 24 hours before you get an answer, and sometimes ask for even more details. This can be extremely annoying for users, especially for companies and brands that urgently need to solve the problem.

Discover in this article ways to contact Instagram.

How contact Instagram

Number#1. How To Contact Instagram By Phone?

It should be remembered that Instagram was bought in 2012 by Facebook. To contact Instagram customer service, the Facebook address will be used. It is:

Copyright Agent, c / o Instagram;

1601 Willow Road

Menlo Park, CA 94025

The service is available by simply calling the telephone number: (650) 384-2250. It is also possible to contact this Instagram service by fax at (650) 384-2253. These phone numbers and fax numbers are also ways to contact Instagram France by phone.

Number#2. How To Contact Instagram By Email?

Whether to contact Instagram internationally, different email addresses are available to allow you to contact the Instagram service directly and easily! When the subject of your contact concerns a problem with your Instagram account, the email address to use is [email protected]ram.com.

In case the object of contact with Instagram is a problem in relation to the Instagram application on Android, you can use the email address [email protected] As for the users of the application on iPhone, in case of a problem, you can use the email address [email protected]

And again, for professionals who would like to contact the Instagram press service, the email address [email protected] is the one that will be most useful to them.

Number#3. How To Contact Instagram With Online Forms?

Regardless of the nature of the problem you are facing, another way to contact Instagram is to use the contact forms of the Instagram help pages. These forms are accessible from the Privacy and Security Center page at http://help.instagram.com/. On this page, you will be able to select, among several options, the nature of the problem that makes you want to know how to contact Instagram.

Number#4. Contact Instagram On Social Media

Try to contact them on the social network. It’s indeed a long time, but occasionally they will see and then give answers to social media queries. You could use both Twitter as well as Facebook for this process:

Twitter – Go to the Instagram page out there, click Tweet for Instagram (or maybe tap the very Tweet Pen icon), you want to enter your very own tweet and even select Tweet.

Also head out to the Instagram Fb page to contact, select your Message key, enter the details of your message, and send the message.

Alternative Places To Solve Your Instagram Problems

There are several platforms on the Internet where people meet to discuss their problems. You can use these platforms to ask community members if similar problems have occurred and if they can help solve your Instagram problem.

It’s not an infallible way to get answers, but when we look at Instagram, there’s no foolproof way to make your voice heard and answer your questions sometimes.

These are some of the platforms where you can get support and get answers.

Reddit Method

There are two ways to use Reddit here. You can go through the questions looking for your query using the search bar. To save time and effort, you can easily search on Google. Search Google {your query + reddit} and it will be directed to questions related to your problem.

If you have a Reddit account, you can ask questions to the Reddit community. As mentioned above, be sure to provide enough details about your problem to get the correct solution.

Quora Method

Ask a question about Quora or look under the questions of others. Enter your search keywords in the search bar and scroll through the results. You can also click on one of the topics in the Related Topics tab and review the questions that are displayed there.

To make sure you do not miss any other similar question that may appear, create an account and follow the channel. For example, if you follow a channel, you will receive the latest questions and updates in your email.

Google Method

You want to just Google your search! Probably someone has asked the same question somewhere on a platform, and if you look at your question, you can find it.

Contact Your Facebook Advertising Account Manager

I saved it for the last time because it only applies to people who Spend money on Facebook / Instagram ads. Spend enough money to have your own account manager on Facebook. There is no public information on how to obtain a Facebook account manager. However, if you spend a few thousand dollars a month on Facebook / Instagram ads, you have a good chance of getting one.

Instagram is in demand to provide its users with the best experience of all time. In customer service, however, the platform is too THICK. You would think that the impressive number of users would be enough motivation to build a stable and responsive customer service team. In fact, the case is reversed. In addition, Instagram support is notorious for its lack of availability, even when users need help at crucial times.


However, the support team is not to blame. With more than a billion users worldwide, it’s easy to see why Instagram would prefer to pass on customer service in an impersonal way. The above ways of contacting Instagram support should be your best option if perhaps you’re one of the Instagram enthusiasts.