25 Ways to Get More (Real!) Instagram Followers

Instagram is growing in leaps and bounds. It has grown to more than 800 million monthly users worldwide, with more than 500 million of them active on the platform in any given 24 hour period. It may give Facebook its parent company a run for its money and pull the rug under it in the near future.

Every brand in every industry is looking closely at what is happening around them and you too could take advantage of this phenomenon and grow your instagram followers and take your business to greater heights. The power of Instagram could be realized only if you plunge deep into it. Hence grab the opportunity and grow your Instagram now, before it would be too late.

We take a look below on 25 ways on how you could get help to grow your Instagram.

#1. Instagram has to be automated

Place likes on other posts and they would reciprocate, build a chain by automation as doing it will bring more traffic to you.

#2. Optimum exposure with hashtags

Hashtags are the connective tissue use it liberally, if you use it prudently then others could see you.

#3. Impress with your profile

First impressions should be great and when showcasing your brand the profile should stand tall and handsome.

#4. Regular posting during peak hours

Pick the right times to post your material on the Instagram platform.

#5. Identify with a unique style

Tailor make, a unique identification for your brand it will help immensely.

#6. Insert high quality content

Your content should be of very high quality

#7. Be consistent

Ensure that you are consistent in everything you do on the platform,

#8. Work around trends and popular subjects

Work with specifics and current trends and other subjects in the public domain

#9. Create good captions

Draw your customers with good captions to all that you post, Good captions would bring you good reults.

#10. Use an abundance of emojis

An emoji could say a hundred words so use them liberally. There are hundreds of emojis to select from.

#11. Describe your posts

Make others to like what you post hence describe them in detail. Get others to like what you have posted by increasing its popularity.

#12. Pick the right bunch

Hang out with the right crowd for that pick where you would like to be. Choosing the right place to position your brand is very important.

#13. Ask for help and

Get the best from the others and if you have some queries you could sort it out. There is much to learn out there and the fastest you get it the better for you.

#14. Engage the customer

Throw all what you have and ensure you engage with the customer and get him into you. Try to keep them interested in  you and that is very important.  

#15. Show content that is user generated

Join and link to others which would keep you also in the limelight. Let others read what you have because that would be good to them. Whatever you could show do it as long as would bebeneficial.                                                                                                                                                                              

#16. Join with influencers

Keep close ties with influencers who could help you immensely. They play a major role in promoting product

#17. Empower local geotagging

This is fun and would keep you entertained. Your post would appear in a specific area when you need it,

#18. Release stories on Instagram

Post stories on your page and if they are readable followers would grow. Just ensure you have something new every time they come on your platform.

#19. Encompass other users to join

Bring the optimum users to your platform by encompassing all. The more you have following the merrier it would be.

#20. Join #follow for follow, #s4s, and #likeforlike

Use the popular hashtags as they are used to bring the followers to you. Hashtags are an important and integrated.

#21. Conduct contests and give out gifts

Have good plans and promote contests and always give something away to bring some action in.

#22. Promote harmony without community

Keep the overall community with you and grow with it as you possibly can. They would like to join when called upon.

#23. Promote good interactions

Interact with others and open conversations with them it would help immensely. The more you interact the better for you. The more you are embedded with the other it would be better for you.

#24. Real life instagram

Have real life conversations with others, even you could feel the difference as it is about interaction among people of different wavelength.

#25. Gather analytics and improve strategy

Get optimum information before you start and then draw up your strategy. Once you have the analytics then drawing up strategy would be easy.

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