25 Ways to Get More (Real!) Instagram Followers

Instagram quickly surpassed its first notion as a fun application for children and has become a serious marketing, networking, selling and a real tool that could build followers for individuals and brands. It is one of the most popular social networking sites on the planet.

To get more real followers on Instagram, it’s not enough to create a profile and post photos. If you really want to achieve range, you should pay attention to some points and tips. Based on tested strategies, we’ll show you how to get more real Instagram followers and increase your reach.

#1. Use A Meaningful Profile Picture

This should be a picture of you (in private accounts) or your logo on company accounts so that other users will (immediately) recognize your account immediately.

#2. Choose A Unique Name

The name of your profile should usually be your real name or business name for you to be found in the search. Your very own username must as well match your name out there. The best way would be to make use of a name without lowercase letters and spaces.

#3. Enter Your Website

Never forget to specify your business site on your own Instagram account. On the other hand, you can as well link or connect to a published blog article or your own product. Of course, you can also integrate an affiliate link in the website field.

#4. Fill Out Your Bio

In the biography, you should specify what some other IG users anticipate on your own profile. In this biography spot you can as well note your location or simply a special hashtag.

#5. Comment And Like Posts By Your Target Audience

Through meaningful Comments can actually draw attention to some other accounts out there. Also Likes from some other images can give you the same effect. Also, respond to comments made, so you can start a conversation and increase the interaction rate.

#6. You Want To Publish Images While Your Own Followers Are Right Online

Based on the very theme of your nice IG profile, your followers will be live online at different times. In the instagram business profile, you are going to see in the statistics while your followers are online.

#7. You Want To Follow Some Other Accounts

Following some others from your own target audience is going to most likely make them follow back. While you have truly achieved following back method, you must not instantly remove the account. So it only becomes clear that you only followed the account to get a follower.

Better wait for two good weeks to undo, if perhaps the account is not interesting enough. But do not overdo it with this strategy: Profiles that subscribes to 500 other profiles, however, has just 70 instagram followers are seemed absurd.

#8. Use Other Social Networks

Every social network has its own content: private details are often shared on Facebook, on Instagram pictures, on YouTube videos. Use your accounts in other social networks and draw attention to your Instagram profile.

#9. Work With Other Users

Collaborating with some other IG users in your very own thematic spot, you could increase your own audience as well as the followers of the folks in your accounts, for instance, walking with some other users on a specific event. The other profiles are marked in your pictures.

#10. Use The Instagram Desktop App

The desktop application will make it easy for you to edit messages, postings, and comments and use Instagram outside of your phone. The very desktop application can be gotten through instagram.com any time.

#11. Engage The Offline Ad To Gain Real Followers

To truly get more real Instagram followers, you should also advertise your profile offline, this way you can draw attention to your account on business cards or advertisements. Often it also makes sense to use so-called short URLs.

#12. Join Special Instagram Meetups

Often, there are special Meetups where you can meet other users, interact with them, and get more tips for more Followers on Instagram.

#13. Create Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories allow you to create small video sequences that are displayed above the actual image stream. This will help you gain more real followers to your profile powerfully.

#14. Use Live Videos

This feature allows your Instagram followers to share real-time actions or maybe daily life in real-time. I understand we all know everyone out there love viewing videos.

#15. Use Descriptive Hashtags

Hashtags are used to thematically classify your post. That’s why you should choose hashtags that describe your picture.

#16. Choose The Right Language

You want to use the hashtags that your target group uses or looks for. It is actually bad to go for hashtags that your followers don’t understand, for you to gain real Instagram followers you must choose the right language.

#17. Use Local Hashtags

For pictures of a landmark or other known places in a region, you should use local hashtags like #NewYork or #Hamburg. And again, think if the projected hashtags match your own image. Also, consider the Geo-tagging aspect, which lets you spell out the very location of the Instagram photo.

#18. Check How Many Times A Hashtag Is Used

For the greatly used hashtags akin to #Amazing or maybe #summer, the picture is speedily lost out there. For the less employed hashtags, your picture is going to be noticeable fora longer time but will be found less often. Try to find a good middle ground between often used and less used hashtags. In the search bar, you can see how many posts there are for a specific hashtag.

#19. Create Your Own Hashtags

Especially Instagram accounts with products, it pays to create your own hashtag and use it in every post. Your followers will also use the hashtag if they use products from you and upload a photo of them. Some good examples are sports brands like Nike and Adidas.

#20 Episode Current Trends

As far as it is compatible with the topic of your profile, you could as well employ the present Trend hashtags. These types of hashtags frequently appear during sports or music events, special weather conditions or other defined events.

#21 Use Filters

Instagram gives you a lot of editing options for your photos. Pay attention to a healthy average of filters that should be adapted to the theme of your Instagram profile. The more fantastic your Instagram profile is will determine the less filters you want to use.

#22. Stay With Your Topic

When selecting a photo, you should keep an eye on the thematic focus of your profile. So it makes little sense to post on a profile about sports that otherwise deal with cars.

#23. Vary Your Photos

To give variety to your followers, it’s not wrong to deviate from the normal posts. For example, post a humorous picture, a quote, a video, or perhaps a GIF file. However, always familiarize yourself with the very theme of your IG profile.

#24. Post Qualitative Photos

Make sure that the photos are not pixelated or that part of the picture is unattractive, so that part of the picture is missing.

#25. Post Regularly

Prepare a plan, when to post any kind of photos. So you never get stressful situations if you have not posted or prepared a photo yet. As you prepare a plan it will be very easy to carry out your plan without much hassle.

Finally, every brand in every industry is watching closely what is happening around you and you could also take advantage of this social media phenomenon and grow your very own followers and take your business to greater heights with these top Ways to Get More Real Instagram Followers.