15 Hacks to Successfully Promote Your Instagram

To promote your Instagram is interesting out there, but how are you doing it? Do you think you’re on the right path? Instagram is becoming along with Twitter the preferred social network of artists. The growth of the last two years is notorious and increasingly, it is used to create engagement with a target audience. Instagram was officially launched on October 6, 2010, as an application for iPhone and in just one month of life, managed to exceed one million users.

Some curiosities you should know about Instagram:

– On Sundays, it is the most effective day to publish
– The 5 most popular brands on Instagram are Starbucks, Nike, NBA, Adidas as well as Topshop.
– There are 8,500 likes and 1,000 comments per second.

Here Are The 15 Hacks To Successfully Promote Your Instagram

Number#1. Connect With Facebook

Maybe I have told you before, in 2013, the friend Mark Zuckerberg, acquired Instagram for 1,000 million dollars. The union more than ever makes the force and that unit is completely configured to optimize the results and experience to the user.

Number#2. Create A Tab On Facebook

Not with connecting it you have done everything. Create a visible tab so that all your Instagram photos are concentrated. It is an excellent showcase to take advantage of the resources we have.

Number#3.  Define A Coherent Strategy

You cannot commit the sin of 90% of the artists who only post pictures of them selling how wonderful their life is. This tire and the fan scares so I recommend you look for meaning to your publications. Apply without fear the famous Pareto Law publishing 20% on your personal brand and 80% providing value. The big brands do it and it’s proven that it works. Otherwise, you will be perceived as spam that only intends to self-advertise.

Number#4. Create # For Each Action

The # on Instagram has a more than interesting role. First, you identify the action and make it easier for them to find you. If for example, you do a contest, use a hashtag for that action and you will have concentrated all the participants.

Number#5. Play With # Generic

Instagram does not have the limitations of Twitter so you can put several # without worrying about the characters. I recommend you use two on average and don’t abuse because you can cause rejection. The generic hashtag is used as a weapon that links you to something in general and this is discovered by people.

For example, if the photo or video you uploaded was made in Barcelona, put #Barcelona because at that time there will be many people looking for other stories of the city with the same hashtag and it can be an opportunity to grow with your community.

Number#6. Respond To Comments

Unless you have the same followers as Bruno Mars, you should try to respond to your followers. In this way, you will create conversation and you will be perceived as someone close to you, a factor highly valued at present.

Number#7. Share Photos Of Your Followers

Starbucks is one of the best accounts being promoted on Instagram. In this aspect, they invite their followers to upload photos showing what they do when they have a coffee. Find your way and when you send pictures, share them. Each week you can reward the best photo of your followers. No matter whether it bears a prize or not, you will feel lucky for the nomination on your part.

Number#8. Collage With Photos

Another way to connect with your audience is making attractive collages with the best photos of your followers. This will be shared by the vast majority and your brand will expand thanks to the diffusion of your community.

Number#9. Mention Your Followers

Don’t hesitate to mention when appropriate a follower, another fantastic way to show your most humane factor and win a lead for a while.

Number#10. Find The Link Of The Photo Or Video

In this social network, what unites or disconnects are the internal codes that we have in our brain. If an account creates affinity with me, I will follow it. On the other hand, if what counts does not contribute, I will not think twice. That is how we have become and the level of demand will go further. Therefore, I recommend you look for that connection thread that allows you to create links with people.

Number#11. Make Sure Text And Photo Go Hand In Hand

Sometimes I find empty photos that say nothing. If you upload a photo and video and never add the headline, you will be cutting the wings or possible route of the same. Think of a phrase that defines in a good way what the photo transmits.

Number#12. Mini Videos Raze

Instagram, to compete with Vine, activated this new feature not so long ago and it is being a tremendous success. You have many possibilities but for example, you could upload content videos with your own background music.

Number#13. Throw Open Questions

There is nothing better to create a conversation than to throw an open question. For example, if one day you wake up with a beautiful sunrise, ask them to hang pictures of your sunrise and create a nice collage. Then share it.

Number#14. Anticipate A New Product

Instagram videos are excellent, for example, anticipating 15 seconds of what your new video clip will be. You should always do it before uploading it to platforms like Youtube.

Number#15. Show Your Most Human Part

Your followers will love seeing your actions where you collaborate with people or organizations that need it. It is one of the ideas but to show the most human aspect of oneself, helps to break the cold barriers of the Internet and to close distances.


After these brief tips, I would like to recommend some tools to optimize your images although Instagram itself is increasingly equipped in this aspect: PicMonkey is my favorite without any doubt. You never have to download it and it allows you to insert attractive filters, great typologies of letters, frames, collages etc.