12 Apps For Creating Gorgeous Instagram Stories

It turns out that everything you need to make the world believe that you live the life of influential people, a few free applications and some patience. This list is by no means exhaustive, but there are initially 12 applications in no particular order. The most visited Instagram user, Selena Gómez, uses one of our choices. If it’s good enough for Selena Gómez, it’s good enough for you and me.

#1 Unfold

Using the Storie Instagram templates is one of the easiest ways to update the content of your stories! By using a set of templates for your Instagram stories, you can create contiguous branding content that generally aligns with your brand.

If you’re unfamiliar with creating or using templates in Adobe Photoshop, you can create templates on your phone using the Instagram Unfold application on your phone.

The Unfold app exploded this year with its library of clean and modern templates. Now it’s one of the most popular templates for Instagram stories!

#2 Canva

The Mobile Canvas app is another very easy way to create beautiful Instagram story templates for your business. You can create templates on your phone or on your desktop.

For IG stories, there are many GREAT templates to select from out there. You can actually customize the template with a lot of background selections, more than 120 different fonts, and countless graphics to create brand templates for your business:

Having defined your Canva template, it’s easy to get consistent brand aesthetics in your Instagram stories!

#3 InShot

Ever wanted to post a video, but it was not the right size? InShot Video Editor is a photo and video editing application designed specifically to perfectly match your content to an Instagram Stories publication.

With InShot Video Editor, you can change your existing video into different aspect ratios and resize and resize the Instagram video to match the Instagram stories. You can also place your video in the background. Choose a solid background in the application or upload an image from your device.

#4 Later

Regular publishing on Instagram Stories is the key to creating public and improving your views. You can plan your stories in the same way as other social publications in your content calendar.

Instead of creating new stories every day, you can add your photos and text directly to your Instagram Story schedule area. By planning your content in advance, you can ensure that you consistently publish and follow your followers.

All you have to do is drag and drop your stories into the Storyboard tool, then rearrange them to fit the order and look you truly want. Plan Instagram Stories. This is one of the best ways to grow your business on Instagram in 2019.

#5 Design Kit

A Design Kit is a fun way to bring your pictures to life. The application includes many realistic stickers, backgrounds, and brushes that let you draw textures or colors directly onto your photos: A design kit is an excellent application that allows you to create unique, striking and high personality stories that make your followers come back.

#6 Adobe Spark Post

While the Adobe stuff is best recognized for its proficient editing tool, the Spark Post of adobe version makes it straightforward to produce graphics anywhere.

This Instagram Stories application has thousands of templates to choose from, including a myriad of pictures or images, filters, and fonts that assist you make personalized Stories content on IG, which flawlessly suits your brand.

This Instagram Stories application is completely free and you can create high-quality brand stories in just minutes.

#7 Splice

Vertical video is now everywhere on Instagram! That means you now have to learn how to create and edit a vertical video to prepare for 2019 and the future of Instagram marketing. Splice from the makers of GoPro boasts everything you actually require to craft a fully bespoke vertical video for your Instagram platform. The tool makes it very easy to add affects, crop, trim, add titles, change speed, add animations, transitions and more!

You can also use Splice to add music to your videos by selecting a soundtrack from the application’s library or importing it from your iTunes. Once you have downloaded the application, simply upload a video from your photo library or record a new one to start.


This application has been the favorite photo editing application for fans for some time, but did you know that you can also edit the content of your video in the application? With the lesser known feature, you can add any of your favorite VSCO filters to your video content to create a consistent aesthetic no matter what you post.

You can also make various settings such as contrast, brightness, temperature, etc. in the video editor. VSCO video editing is an exclusive tool included in the paid VSCO membership. However, it is worth investing in the video if you want to improve the content of your video many times.

#9 Hype Type

Do you want to add life to your Instagram story titles? Create animated text graphics for Instagram stories with this app! The application contains many typography options that spin and swirl that can help keep the audience off their tracks and prevent them from passing their story.

To use a photo or video on your camera’s roll, simply slide up from the bottom of the application. There you can select the color scheme and the font you want. Hype Type can be used for free, but you can pay for the updates in the application.

#10 StoryLuxe

The latest application of Instagram Story templates that captivates users is the new StoryLuxe application. The application includes a variety of instantaneous Instagram story templates, which include templates for Polaroid and Instant Movies, Floral, and more.

First, select a template from one of the packages and add your photos and videos. Then, you can use the filters, background textures and StoryLuxe colors to adapt your story to the aesthetics of your Instagram.

#11 Magisto

Get your audience’s attention on Instagram by transforming photos and sequences into eye-catching videos with Magisto’s powerful filmmaker. With more than 100 million users, this simple to use Instagram Stories application has powerful editing styles that allow you to create high-quality story content in just simple steps.

With Magisto’s Intelligent Video Maker, you can even create a slide show or a collage of videos that looks like a real video and only contains photos.

#12 Clipomatic

Another great way to get your audience’s attention and make your videos more inclusive is to add captions to your very own stories! Clipomatic’s intelligent video editor converts anything you say into live subtitles. This means you never have to enter everything. The application does all the work for you.

All you have to do is press the magic recording button, speak clearly and your words will appear directly on your recording as subtitles with style. You can also improve your videos with their artistic filters to really excite your audience.


Instagram stories are a very important tool these days. It is the place where you can show your true personality, therefore, you can follow the latest trends in Instagram stories using these applications.