10 Secrets to Boosting Your Instagram Engagement

Instagram is another social media platform like all others with a universal or global presence. The difference with Instagram is that it is growing at a tremendous pace and is today having One Billion flowers worldwide with more than half of them, that is a colossal 500 Million users on the platform, daily at any given 24 hour time.

This has placed Instagram on a very high pedestal especially with the blessings of Facebook, which acquired the former for a stupendous US $ One Billion in cash and stock in March 2012.

Facebook went ahead with the deal paying such colossal figure because Facebook knew that Instagram was a gold mine and with them at the helm they would be able to steer it to unprecedented heights which is what they have done in a short period of time.

To be effective on the Instagram platform is not an easy task. If you are to ensure that you interacted with all your prospective customers within this One Billion you would have to work hard as it would not be offered on a platter. One of the most crucial aspects to ensure your presence is duly acknowledged and you are benefiting from the platform is to have optimum Instagram engagement.

We have looked into some of the more salient aspects which we would call secrets to ensure that you boost your presence on this versatile platform. If you could follow them studiously you would be bestowed with unstinted support to boost your Instagram engagement.

#1. Hashtags leverage

Using the right and appropriate hashtags would expose you to a greater audience. Your hashtags should be relevant and easily associated with your brand including everything surrounding it.

#2. Content should be meaningful

The content that you would post has to be meaningful and should entice your audience to engage with you at the first instance. Leaving them to return would not be a good strategy as they would not come back most of the time.

#3. Don’t tire your followers

Quality should supersede quantity, if you post too many content on your page there would be a time that boredom would set in and your followers may not look eagerly for your posts. Hence limit them and keep the interest at optimum.

#4. Post Instagram stories

Provide something interesting always as research shows that about 300 Million users spend on an average about 28 minutes on a day to day basis looking up Instagram stories that would interest them.

#5. Right filters should be used

It is maximum visual appeal that would captivate your audience hence it is imperative that you use the best Instagram filters and bring out the best in the images and videos that you would post for consumption by your followers.

#6. Feed themes on Instagram

To add some visual appeal to your posts using Instagram feed themes would be a great strategy. Some may use filters but adding on themes could win the day for you with many active followers waiting to engage and follow you.

#7. Geotags leverage

Hashtags may be one way but geotags could also ensure that you are easily found on the Instagram platform from the millions out there. Your followers would find you if you change strategy to go with the times.

#8. Posting times experiment

The world does not sleep and with Instagram being accessed worldwide you may have to ensure that you post at the right times. This regular posting at a particular time would be eagerly awaited by your followers and they would wait to see the latest.

#9. Story highlights on profile

Whatever posted as Instagram stories would last only 24 hours but you could increase this duration by employing the highlights feature. This would provide a longer period for your followers to look at them and have the opportunity to interact with you.

#10. CTAs are important

You need to create an effective “call to action” which could be anything which would provide an incentive for your followers to engage with you. Once they do so you would have a better chance of engaging with them effectively.


These are just a few of the salient features and secrets which we have tried and tested to increase Instagram engagement with our followers which you could do too. There are many more which are also in the pipeline which are effective means to improve and increase your Instagram engagement.

If you could use the right strategies and increase your Instagram engagement it is imperative that you would have a wider customer base which would bring you success at every twist and turn. The point to contend would be that you balance all required aspects to ensure your Instagram account is at optimum effect at all times.