How to Measure Customer Service the Right Way

How do you know if your customers are satisfied by the customer service? This is an important question that every marketing-related company and team has to tackle with. The answers to this question are many, because different customer service teams have adopted different methods to measure their quality of service and customer satisfaction.

If you are running a business and if you want to quantitively determine your customer service quality, you should implement the following tactics and methods to get the job done and to get to the bottom of the truth.

Mystery Callers

You or your friends and family can pose as shoppers to contact the customer service and ask a series of questions. This mystery caller or mystery shopper can then follow a scripted questionnaire to determine the quality of knowledge, the time it took to get the answers and the quality of the employees’ response to your questions. This is perhaps a great money-saving and effective manner for young companies who have not yet put in place measure to test and control the quality of customer service.

Overall Satisfaction and Improvement

Surveys are a good way to check how many of your customers are satisfied with the service. It is a simple result-based survey and it can reveal a lot about the quality of your work. The second method is to use the same surveys and try to track any changes in satisfaction. It not only helps you maintain standards of service, but it also allows you to weed out mistakes and weaknesses early on. The third thing that you can learn from this is whether the changes you are implementing on your service are really translating as customer satisfaction or not.

Customer Retention and Promotion

If your customer service and if your website is making customers happy, then they are bound to come back again. If your website and customer service is really impressive, then the customers are going to talk about it and this will lead to promotion by word-of-mouth. The term for this is net promoter score. By gauging your net promoter score, you can also measure the customer service quality. A good score means that traffic will increase organically, however a bad score is an alert sign for changes to be made.

Conversion Rate and Resolution Time

It is important to know how frequently after talking to you customer service will a customer proceed to make a purchase. A higher number means that the customer’s issue has been resolved successfully and all the queries are being answered. A good conversion rate means the customer service is doing its job well. The second thing is resolution time: in how much time are the problems answered. No body has time to spare in this day and age and it is always best to occupy as little time as possible.


Now that you have all the values, you should find out what they mean. The best way is to compare them with the results of similar surveys and tests conducted by your competitor websites and brands. It is always good to determine how well your company is stacking up when compared to other companies. A simple qualitative answer will give you invaluable information to predict the future of your company’s marketing strategy.

Active vs Resolved Issues

It is important to have an understanding and an idea of the volume of complaints. If your customer service is resolving most issues easily and within minutes, that means that there is no serious issue at hand. On the other hand, if your company is facing complex issues repeatedly, then you need to conduct a survey of your website or your product to see if there is a fault. No matter how great your company is, issues and complaints are inevitable. The best thing to do is to handle this data and use it to make target improvements in your company.

Employee Productivity, Retention and Turnover

Productive employees answer more complaints, resolve a greater number of the problems and they usually get better ratings by the customers. Unproductive employees can be detected and weeded out by studying the data of their previous performance. If your company is functioning well, then it will keep the employees. They will work for you longer, and in that time, they will earn more experience, which they will use in perfecting their current job. Therefore, it is very important to customer service to keep the best employees working for you.

Brand Attributes

Customer service quality can sometimes dwindle but the fault belongs to the brand and its product not the service. This is a common occurring, so it is important to maintain an understanding of brand quality, reception and ratings by performing frequent surveys.

Cash Flow

Customer service is an important factor of any business. It influences the bottom line and cash flow can be a great way to measure and gauge the quality of customer service that you are offering your customers. A good impression on the customer will make him return to you, and even bring more potential customers with him. Thus, cash flow is greatly influenced by customer service, and it is a great customer satisfaction monitor.

Complaint Escalation

Complaints are bound to come no matter how good your service gets. But if the complaints escalate quickly and to such an extent that it has no other explanation, then you should review your customer service. There is bound to be some fault in your service.