The 10 Most Popular Social Networks Today

A business in today’s world will never be able to survive without the assistance of social media networks. If you are a business owner, you need to be aware about the popular social media networks today. Then you will be able to go ahead and start your marketing campaigns on those networks. This will provide you with the ability to end up with effective results as well.

1. Facebook

As you already know, Facebook is the most popular social media network among people who live out there in the world. The popularity of Facebook is increasing on a daily basis as well. Hence, we don’t see any competition at all for this social network. In fact, Facebook has experienced a growth of over 17% during the past year. It has also been identified that over 1.32 billion individuals are using Facebook social media network on a daily basis. Hence, you must go ahead and take a look at Facebook.

2. YouTube

YouTube can be considered as the second most popular search engine among people. On the other hand, it is known as the second most popular social media network among people as well. You don’t just find cat videos on YouTube. You can find videos that belong to almost any topic on YouTube. If you take an hour in YouTube, more than 1.5 billion individuals log in and watch the videos available. Hence, it is an excellent platform for the digital marketers to engage with their digital marketing efforts. Most of the people visit YouTube on a daily basis as well.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the third most popular social media network in our list. It is also important to keep in mind that WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook. Back in the day, people used SMS to text with their loved ones. But in today’s world, people simply WhatsApp their loved ones. It has become an iconic brand of communication among individuals who live in every corner of the world as well. It is also possible to create groups on this social network and communicate with minimum hassle. The best thing about WhatsApp is the end to end encryption. With it, you will be provided with the ability to keep peace of mind when you are communicating with others.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the organic messenger application of Facebook. Just like WhatsApp, people use Facebook Messenger for their communication purposes. If you are looking forward to maintain convenient communications along with your loved ones on Facebook, this is one of the greatest options available to consider. It provides you with the ability to send videos and photos along with the messengers. The Facebook Messenger tool is AI based and you will be able to get a more immersive experience while using it.

5. WeChat

WeChat is the most popular social media network among people in China. This social media network followed the footprints of WhatsApp. As a result, you will be able to discover the unique features of WhatsApp in WeChat as well. They include the ability to send text messages, voice messages, videos and photos. Moreover, you will be able to discover a curated news feed inside WeChat as well. This has contributed a lot towards the popularity of WeChat.

6. QQ

More than 860 million people in the world use QQ social media network. Even though this is not a free social media network, it has become extremely popular among people. QQ came into play back in 1999. Back in the day, it was just another desktop messaging app. However, it later evolved into an instant messaging service. At the moment, QQ provides many other features. You can also make a payment and get hold of a VIP account in QQ. Then you will be able to receive the best out of your experience on the site.

7. Instagram

The popularity of Instagram is increasing along with time. It is a free platform, which people can use in order to capture photos, edit them and share among followers. This social media network is also owned by Facebook. Among the fastest growing social media networks today, Instagram holds a prominent place among them. Most of the brands prefer to use Instagram in order to communicate along with others. Hence, you will be able to go for new promotions and promote new products on this social media network with ease.

8. Qzone

Among the traditional social networks available for the people in China, Qzone is the most popular one. With the help of Qzone, people are provided with the ability to go ahead and post updates, watch videos, send photos, store photos and listen to their favorite music. However, you will need to spend money and purchase access to the games and other subscriptions available in Qzone. All members who use this social media network are provided with the ability to customize the pages with the assistance of a large number of digital accessories.

9. Weibo

Weibo is popular among 300 million people out there in the world. Among the micro blogging networks popular with people in China, Weibo is the most popular. Even though Weibo was created as an evolution of Twitter for the Chinese market, it has a lot more advanced features when compared to Twitter. For example, the users of Weibo will even be able to stream videos live.

10. Twitter

Twitter holds the 10th place for the most popular social media networks among people. This social media network is also based on the concept of micro blogging. The 140 character limit of the tweets has contributed a lot towards the popularity of Twitter. There is a large volume of people who use Twitter and it is still going strong.